• Image of Custom Original 8x10

Starts at $120 per figure. Allow 2-3 weeks for custom orders.

You must provide photos of each person being illustrated! Include at least one close up photo of the face as well as a full-length photo. Also, make sure to send images of the outfits for each person. This can be something they own or a dream designer look. Please provide photos of accessories like shoes, handbags, watches, jewelry, sunnies, etc. Email all reference photos in ONE email to kyjsteiner@gmail.com.

Custom illustrations are drawn on 8x10 solid white 100 lb. bristol drawing paper. Medium is pencil, marker, and ink.

Backgrounds are priced based off of size, complexity, and detail. They will be assessed and billed separately.

When ordering, add each figure to your cart separately. For example, if ordering a couple's portrait, add "1 adult" to your cart twice.

Please ensure the “shipping address” you enter is able to accept packages. Illustrations cannot be folded to fit into a small mailbox.